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  • Brock Peterson

Add Application Costs to VMs in Aria Operations

We've discussed Costing (and Pricing) in Aria Operations several times before, but never how to add Application Costs. we'll explore that here.

If you go into Configure - Cost Drivers - Cost Drivers, you'll see several cost drivers we can customize.

The first place to go is Applications and click ADD.

The Application Name dropdown is being pulled from the list of Business Applications defined in Environment - Business Applications. This is where we can define our Business Application based on whatever comprises it: a cluster, ESXi Hosts, VMs, etc. In my case, we'll create a Business Application for an entire Cluster (all VMs in my cluster require MSSQL licensing)

Once the Business Application has been created, we can add it via Cost Drivers.

This will distribute the MSSQL Costs evenly across all VMs in that Cluster.

Another way to do this would be via Cost Drivers - Additional Cost.

I've selected a Cluster and assigned a monthly cost. Note, when selected Cluster (or Datacenter, vCenter, or Host) the cost is added to the CPU/Memory base rates. But, when selecting a VM, this cost is added to Additional Cost metrics on the VMs.

Shout out to VMware by Broadcom engineer Kruti Erraguntala for her clarification on a couple points here, thanks Kruti!


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