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  • Brock Peterson

Adjust Adapter Instances with the Aria Operations API

Maybe targets changed, domains changed, IPs were adjusted, whatever it is, you now need to adjust Adapter Instances in Aria Operations. Of course you can do this in the UI, but if there are dozens or hundreds of Adapter Instances that need changing, you might explore a programmatic way of doing it, enter the Aria Operations API.

Let's explore the available API endpoints, which can be found at https://your_ops_instance/suite-api, documentation here.

Adapters /api/adapters looks most promising.

GET /api/adapters should get us all Adapter Instance information we need.

Click Try it out then Execute, the Response Body will have your Adapter Instances.

Let's find one we want to work with, in this case a MSSQL Adapter Instance.

Scroll down to find the id, which will be at the end.

This is the id we will use to adjust our Adapter Instance via the PUT /api/adapters endpoint.

Click Try it out.

As you can see, it's asking for input, let's use what we captured previously and adjust the Name, Description, and Target of the Adapter Instance.

Once done, Execute it.

As indicated in the Response body, we don't need both the collectorId and CollectorGroupId, so let's remove one from our input, I removed CollectorGroupId and reran.

Code 200 and Response body looks better now. Let's go check our Adapter Instance in the UI.

There it is with the updated Name and Description. Let's confirm the target was changed as well.

There it is, worked perfectly! The Aria Operations API is so powerful, use it! If you're just getting started with it, go get John Dias' Postman Collection out on VMware {code}, it'll get you going. Enjoy!


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