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  • Brock Peterson

Adjusting vROps Alerts with vROpsCLI

Have you ever wanted to change something for all vROps alerts? Say for example, adjust a cancelCycle on all your Cisco UCS alerts? We can help! The vROpsCLI tool from Blue Medora can do this, among other things. Formal documentation and the download itself can be found here:

Here's what I did:

1. Downloaded and untared vROpsCLI on my vROps master node.

2. Ran it against my master node (vr80-bpeterson) to capture the Cisco UCS adapter name, in this case it's called CiscoUcsAdapter:

3. Ran vROpsCLI against that adapter to capture all UCS alerts, output sent to a JSON file:

4. At this point, I had all the UCS alerts in an unformatted JSON file. I used jq ( to format it for easy reading. Before jq, my file looked like this:

After running it through jq:

I had the following, much easier to read:

5. Now, to change the parameter I wanted, "cancelCycles": 1 to "cancelCycles": 3 throughout the entire JSON file. I ran a simple search and replace command from within VI. One can also do something similar with jq.

6. At this point I had an updated JSON file with the cancelCycles adjustment:

I just needed to update the UCS alert definitions with vROpsCLI:

To confirm the cancelCycle adjustment took effect for the UCS alerts, I went to the vROps UI and spot checked several UCS alerts:

This is just one use case for vROpsCLI from Blue Medora, there are many more. For more details explore the



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