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  • Brock Peterson

Aria Automation 8.17

Aria Automation 8.17 dropped today, let's upgrade! I'm running Aria Suite Lifecycle Manager (ASLCM) Product Support Pack (PSP) 2, which only supports Aria Automation 8.16.2.

We're going to need PSP 3, which previously we could get from within ASLCM itself via the integration with VMware Customer Connect, but that is no longer available, so let's download it manually from the new Broadcom Support Portal, upload it to ASLCM, then apply it.

Log into the Broadcom Support Portal and go to My Downloads - VMware Aria Suite - Solutions - VMware Aria Suite Enterprise - 2019, it should look like this.

Download it. Once done log into ASLCM and go to Lifecycle Operations - Settings - Product Support Pack and upload PSP3 by selecting the UPLOAD button.

Point at your recently download PSP3.

And import it by clicking IMPORT. Once complete you'll be presented with the options to apply it.

Select APPLY VERSION to apply it. You can watch your progress via Requests, once complete it'll look like this.

Back on the Product Support page it will look like this.

As you can see PSP3 has been applied and it supports Aria Automation 8.17. So next, let's go get those binaries, upload them to the ASLCM VM, and apply them. Similar to before, we'll have to download the 8.17 binaries from the Broadcom Support Portal first. Once logged in, go to My Downloads - VMware Aria Automation - 8.17.0, direct link is here.

Download the Update Repository. Once complete you'll have to SCP it up to your ASLCM VM and put it in the /data directory, I put mine in /data/temp.

Back in ASLCM, go to Lifecycle Operations - Settings - Binary Mapping.


Point it at the proper directory, select the product you want to add, and click ADD. Once complete, you'll see it listed under Product Binaries.

Now go to Lifecycle Operations - Environments, select your environment and go to the Automation tab.

You'll notice the UPGRADE button is now available, select it and run through the prompts. Once complete, log into Aria Automation to confirm the upgrade.

Which will also be shown in ASLCM.

And we're done!


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