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  • Brock Peterson

Aria Operations 8.17.1 HF1

Aria Operations 8.17.1 HF1 dropped yesterday, it addresses several issues:

  • Property last value timestamp is incorrect in the property cache after upgrading to 8.15, 8.17

  • [SDK]: broken compatibility

  • [Analytics] Analytics upcoming is failing with "RunTimeException"

  • OpenSSL vulnerability

  • Payload Template: Need to change the text of Object Content

  • Collection fails by newly added node and "Unknown adapter type is specified" error is shown

  • Fix vSAN Performance API Request Parameters

It also addresses 30+ CVEs, details can be found here. This HF must be applied to 8.17.1, it is not supported to apply this HF to previous versions. Let's go!

First, take your Operations Cluster offline via the Admin UI.

Then take a Snapshot of your Operations Cluster Primary Node.

Next, apply HF1 via the Admin UI.

Confirmation back on the Operations UI About page.


May 02

Remove snapshot after confirmation it is al working ;-) ;-) ;-) Sorry habbit of my daily job :-)

Brock Peterson
Brock Peterson
May 13
Replying to

I have an Automation Central job that cleans up VM Snapshots every 24 hours :)

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