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  • Brock Peterson

Aria Operations 8.17.1 HF2

Aria Operations 8.17.1 HF2 dropped a couple weeks ago, KB can be found here. Let's download and apply it! As indicated in the KB, you must be at 8.17.1 to apply this HF, which can be downloaded here. I am at 8.17.1 which can be seen via the About page.

Before applying HF2, take Snapshots of each Node in your Aria Operations Cluster. Once complete, log into the Admin UI and take the Cluster offline.

Once offline, go to Software Update - INSTALL A SOFTWARE UPDATE, and point it at your new update package.

UPLOAD and work your way through the prompts.

Once complete, you'll have this.

Back on the About page you'll have a new build number, indicating we're at 8.17.1 HF2.


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