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  • Brock Peterson

Aria Operations Content Management

Aria Operations 8.2 gave us the ability to import/export content en masse. 8.6 added functionality, including the ability to import/export just the content you want. There are a few things I've noticed though, here they are.

First, let's export all Dashboards, but we could do the same for any available construct. Go to Administration - Content Management and select Dashboards, in this case we won't include out-of-the-box content.

Once the export finishes, you'll be presented with a ZIP file, which contains your Dashboards. Let's import these into another Aria Operations environment, we'll do both on-prem and SaaS. First on-prem, Go to Administration - Content Management - Import and select your ZIP file. A couple things to notice here:

  • You can only import content exported from Content Management, meaning you can't import a manually exported Dashboard here

  • You can overwrite existing content or skip them if they already exist.

There were 260 Dashboards in my ZIP file, 158 were imported and 102 were skipped, but why.

  • If the Dashboard owner doesn't exist in the target environment that Dashboard will be skipped.

Also, as you can see I've logged in with "admin", so my Content Management export will only include Dashboards owned by or shared with "admin". If there are others they won't be part of my export.

Another thing to note is that some Dashboards might require underlying Views, Super Metrics, Custom Groups, etc. Without them, the imported Dashboard will show as still configuring (wrench icon).

When importing Dashboard into Aria Operations SaaS there is another thing to consider, which is Dashboards owned by "admin". There is no "admin" user in Aria Operations SaaS, so those Dasboards owned by "admin" on-prem get mapped to "system" in Operations SaaS, like this.

Now, if you're exporting/importing manually from Visualize - Dashboards - Manage, export works like you'd expect, but import works a bit differently than it does from Content Management. Upon import, the Dashboard assumes ownership from the importing user, both on-prem and SaaS. Here's a manual Dashboard import from on-prem (Dashboard owned by admin) to SaaS (my user is

Remember to share Dashboards once they've been imported if you want others to see them. You can also management content via API, which we discussed previously here, enjoy!


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