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  • Brock Peterson

Aria Operations Dynamic Thresholds

We previously discussed the algorithms used to determine Aria Operations Dynamic Thresholds (DTs), this blog will detail the logistics around them. All screenshots included here are from Operations 8.16.1.

There are two separate workflows related to DTs: one for that days DTs (used for alerts/symptoms and pDRS) and another for DTs as shown on metric charts. Let's explore the first.

DTs are enabled by default, you can turn them off/on via Administration - Global Settings - System Settings. You can also adjust the time at which they run, which determines DTs for all metrics for the next 24 hours. These are the DTs used in Alert/Symptoms defined against DTs and for pDRS related metrics being sent to vCenter.

You can also perform a manual calculation at any time via Administration - Dynamic Thresholds. This will provide you with an updated 24 hours of DTs.

Another place you will find DTs is within Metric Charts, there are two icons on the toolbar.

Selecting the Dynamic Thresholds icon gives you a DT bar around the metric, showing the DT range for the last 24 hours and the next 4 hours, by default.

Selecting the last 12 hours gives DTs for the previous 12 hours and the next 2 hours.

Selecting the last 6 hours gives DTs for the last 6 hours and the next hour.

Selecting the last 1 hour gives DTs for the last hour and the next 30 minutes.

Selecting the last 7 days gives the last 24 hours of DTs and the next 24 hours of DTs.

Selecting the last 30 days gives you the last 24 hours of DTs and the next 48 hours of DTs.

Beyond that (60 days, 90 days, etc), you get the last 24 hours of DTs, but nothing in the future. All of these metrics are being calculated on-demand.

There is another icon available in the toolbar related to DTs: Show Entire Period Dynamic Thresholds.

Selecting this calculates DTs for the entire period you are viewing, here's what it looks like for the last 7 days.

Here it is for the last 30 days.

You'll notice a slight pause when selecting this option, this is the DT engine calculating DTs for the desired period of time. Dynamic Thresholds are a powerful and smart way to monitor metrics, use them!

Thanks to Hovhannes Petrosyan, VMware by Broadcom engineer, for consulting on this blog!


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