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  • Brock Peterson

Aria Suite 8.14.1 Updates

The 8.14.1 updates to Aria Operations, Aria Operations for Logs, and Aria Automation were dropped in late November, just getting around to applying them, here's how you do it with Aria Lifecycle Manager.

Log in to Aria Lifecycle Manager and check for the latest Product Support Packs via Settings - Product Support Packs - CHECK SUPPORT PACKS ONLINE.

You'll find the latest available to be

Click APPLY VERSION, once done you'll have the latest.

Next get the 8.14.1 binaries via Settings - Binary - Mapping - ADD BINARIES.

I connect directly to My VMware.

Click DISCOVER and select the 8.14.1 binaries.

Once downloaded, go to your environment and upgrade via the UPGRADE buttons in the respective tabs. We'll start with Operations, 8.14.1 Release Notes are here.

And we're off and running!

Once done, confirm Aria Operations is now at 8.14.1.

Next up, Aria Automation. Back to your Environment, select the Automation tab, then select UPGRADE. Aria Automation 8.14.1 Release Notes are here.

And once done.

Finally, since I'm already at Aria Operations for Logs 8.14, there is no upgrade available to 8.14.1, they are the same thing. Release Notes can be found here. For more information on the Aria Suite, please see the Aria and Tanzu Intelligence Services YouTube Channel!


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