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  • Brock Peterson

Aria Operations for Networks 6.12

I wanted to upgrade Aria Operations for Networks to the latest release (which is 6.12), but my Aria Suite Lifecycle Manager wasn't seeing it, why? Well, because the Aria Suite Lifecycle Manager Product Support Pack (PSPack) I had in place didn't support it. I was using PSPack 4, which only supported up to Aria Operations for Networks 6.11. So, let's check for an update.

Sure enough, there is a PSPack 5 and a PSPack 6, let's apply PSPack 6, which takes a few minutes and will boot your ASLCM VM. Once back up, confirm it's been applied.

We can now upgrade to Aria Operations for Networks 6.12 from ASLCM, but I'd like to pivot away from that and try a local upgrade. Download the necessary binaries from Customer Connect, log into Aria Operations for Networks, go to Settings - Infrastructure and Support - INFRASTRUCTURE AND UPDATES and Click Here at the top to upload your binaries.

Once the upload is complete, the binaries will be processed.

Once done it'll show as available.

Click View Details.

Click the box and CONFIRM.

Click INSTALL NOW and we're off! I came back this morning and we're done.


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