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Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnect Port Traffic

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

A client was trying to track down port traffic over his Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnects (FI).  Specifically, he wanted to see errors, packets, and general traffic through both ethernet and fiber channel ports on his FIs.

The Blue Medora management pack for Cisco UCS captures the following metrics:

Ethernet Ports:

- Frame Check Sequence Errors (errors/s)

- Receive Errors (errors/s)

- Received Bits (bit/s)

- Received Packets (packets/s)

- Sent Bits (bit/s)

- Sent Packets (packets/s)

Fiber Channel Ports:

- Bits Received (bit/s)

- CRC Receive Errors (error/s)

- Packets Received (packets/s)

- Bits Transmitted (bit/s)

- Packets Transmitted (packets/s)

Below are the dashboards we built, get them here:

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