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  • Brock Peterson

Creating Alerts in vROps 8.1

Creating Alerts just got a lot easier with the latest release of vROps 8.1 from VMware. The new Workspace is cleaner, more efficient, and adds steps for Policies and Notifications. Here is a side by side comparison (8.0 on the left and 8.1 on the right):

The first step is similar, but adds a bit more context. The user can now create the alert, assign the base object, and configure advanced settings (which used to be done in step 3). I like this approach as you are giving the Alert most of it's content on the first step.

The second step is to associate a Symptom with the Alert, which is a bit more logical at this point of Alert creation. Note that Symptom creation in vROps 8.1 is the same as before.

The third step, Recommendations, is roughly the same as before. This allows the user to provide Recommendations to users:

The fourth step is a nice new improvement, Policies. The user can now select the policy they want the Alert enabled in. This approach is more efficient than previous releases, which put the Alert in the default policy and enabled it. One would have to go to Policies to adjust, this workflow is much more efficient.

The final step is Notifications. In previous releases the user would create Notification Rules after Alert creation, which wasn't ideal. Now, the user can associate a Notification with an Alert immediately. There are still some restrictions around which Notification Rules one can select here, but this is a much better flow than previous releases.

Lots of great new stuff in vROps 8.1, can't wait for the next release!



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