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Email your vROps Alerts!

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

I'd like to email all MSSQL related alerts in vROps to our DBA team, here's how I did it.

1. Create an outbound setting here:

Click the green + button and select Standard Email Plugin from the dropdown:

Once configured, you can click the TEST button which will send a test email to the Receiver Email Address though the SMTP server.

2. Notification rules can only be configured against single object types, so let's create a custom group that holds all MSSQL object types. Go to Environment and click the green + button:

Create your custom group containing all MSSQL objects:

You can click the PREVIEW button to be sure your group contains all the objects you want.

3. Now, let's create the notification rule by clicking the green + button:

Once in, give your rule a name, a method (Standard Email Plugin), Recipient, and other necessary fields.

Choose Object from the Scope field and type your custom group name here, it will auto-complete. Select Children Mode and SELECT ALL Descendants. Click SELECT to finish.

All MSSQL related alerts will now be emailed to the address you configured.

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