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  • Brock Peterson

Sizing VMs with VMware Aria Automation

When I first started building VMs with Aria Automation I would configure vCPU and Memory via Properties on the VM object itself, something like this.

This prompts the user for input, giving them a default, minimum, and maximum available values for vCPU and Memory (among others).

There are many properties you can set at build time, for a list of all available options, click the properties link in your Cloud Template.

This is how I learned to size VMs, but there is another way, Flavors! Flavor mappings allow us to define Flavors and assign them as Properties at build time. I personally think of Flavors as Sizes, but that's just me. Let's have a look.

Go to Assembler - Infrastructure - Configure - Flavor Mappings - NEW FLAVOR MAPPING.

This is where I can define my Flavor Mappings, including the Account/Region, vCPUs, Memory, and Cores per Socket. You can define them across multiple Accounts/Regions as well. I've defined XS - XL, they look like this.

I can now use these Flavor Mappings in my Cloud Tempate.

So when the consumer requests a VM, the form looks like this.

You can add more descriptive text to your input enumerations if you'd like, but this is another way you can size your VMs, allowing users to select what they want. We can wrap these with Approval Policies too (which we've previously discussed), so providers must approve Extra Large (XL) VMs for example. As always, there are multiple ways to do the same thing with Aria Automation. For more, explore the VMware Aria and Tanzu Intelligence Services YouTune Channel!


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