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  • Brock Peterson

VM Properties via VMware Aria Operations API

VMs have dozens of metrics and properties, sometimes you want to capture them via API, here's how you do it. In this case we'll focus on properties, but the same holds for metrics.

Go to https:your_vrops_fqdn_here\suite-api and authenticate.

Once authenticated run a GET /api/resources with ResourceKind VirtualMachine to list all VMs.

Click Execute, the Curl looks like this:

The Response body will contain your VMs.

Let's explore the properties for this VM: The easiest way to do it is with GET /api/resources/{id}/properties and the identifier of the VM from our first call.

Click Execute, the Curl looks like this.

The Response body will contain all your properties, including things like Parent ESXi Host and parent vCenter for your original VM.

If you use Postman to run API calls, have a look at the collection contributed by John Dias on VMware {code}, it'll get you started, enjoy!


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