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  • Brock Peterson

VMware Aria Automation and Aria Automation Orchestrator

As you know, VMware Aria Automation includes an embedded instantiation of Aria Automation Orchestrator, which includes hundreds of Workflows.

I'd like to make some of these Workflows available to consumers via Service Broker, let's do it! The documentation can be found here, but let's walk through it. For the record, I'm running an on-prem deployment of Aria Automation 8.13.

First, go to Assembler - Infrastructure - Connections - Integrations and configure your Orchestrator integration, mine looks like this.

Next go to Service Broker - Content Policies - Content Sources and create a source for the Orchestrator Workflows by clicking NEW.

Then select your Source.

Give it a name then start adding Workflows by clicking ADD.

Clicking ADD will show you the available Workflows.

Once done, click CREATE & IMPORT, mine looks like this.

I've added five Workflows I'd like consumers to have the ability to call from Service Broker.

Next let's share these Workflows with a Project, go to Service Broker - Policies - Definitions and click NEW POLICY.

Once there select Content Sharing Policy.

Then define your policy.

Mine looks like this. I've given it a name, Scoped it to a Project, defined a Content Source, and given access to all users in the Project. Once done click SAVE.

Now let's verify our Workflows are available by going over to the Service Broker - Consume tab.

And there they are, my consumers can now execute all five Workflows! For more information check out the VMware Cloud Management YouTube Channel!


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