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  • Brock Peterson

VMware Aria Automation and GitHub

This morning while debugging an Aria Automation Cloud Template I thought to myself, I should really be backing these up, so I configured the integration with GitHub and planned to export all Cloud Templates to one of my GitHub Repositories for safe keeping. Well, that's not how it works, you can only import from GitHub. I don't love that, but I explored the option nonetheless. I also spoke to the Product Manager and opened a feature request for the push/export functionality from Aria Automation to GitHub, which is hopefully coming soon. In the meantime, here is what I found.

First, go to Assembler - Infrastructure - Connections - Integrations.


There are several available integrations here, select GitHub.

Give it a name, description, and a Token, which is required to authenticate with the GitHub API. You can get your GitHub Tokens here. You can also use Capability tabs which are documented here. Once done, click VALIDATE to confirm your connection.

Once complete, click ADD and you'll have your Integration.

Mine looks like this.

Click OPEN on the Integration and you'll see additional tabs.

Select the Projects tab then ADD PROJECT and select the Project you'd like to use.

Once selected click NEXT and add your GitHub Repository, this is the Repository from which the Integration will be pulling things.

We can import Templates, Action based scripts, or Terraform configurations, in our case we'll select Templates.

I'll point it at the windows folder in the main branch of my repository brockpeterson/vra_cloud_templates. As a side note, creating a folder in GitHub is actually done by clicking the Create new file link, give it your folder name and append it with a / then your file name, documented here. Once done, you'll have the full path your integration will be pulling from.

I have two folders: linux and windows, this is where your Cloud Templates will live and the integration will pull from here. Once you've created your Integration Project above, it'll auto SYNC as well.

Once done, the Status will be updated.

You can always manually sync as well by clicking the SYNC link under Actions. To see the Cloud Template/s that were imported go to Assembler - Design - Templates.

You'll notice the latest blueprint.yaml, which is the one that just imported, but there's also one from yesterday. These are the Cloud Templates being imported from GitHub, a couple points to make here:

  • Cloud Template must be named blueprint.yaml, you can subsequently rename it and release it to the Service Broker Catalog

  • Cloud Templates must include the "name" and "version" fields, otherwise they won't be imported

Not exactly what we were looking for but gets us partially there. You can import all your Cloud Templates manually, edit in GitHub, sync, publish, and use. Hopefully this integration becomes bi-directional at some point. For more information on Aria Automation check out the VMware Aria and Tanzu Intelligence Services YouTube Channel.


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