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  • Brock Peterson

VMware Aria Operations Badge Health

VMware Aria Operations 8.12 dropped recently with all sorts of great new features, while exploring one of them I went down the rabbit hole that is Badge Health! Badge Health (Risk, Efficiency, and Workload as well) has morphed over the years, let's explore the latest.

In short, Badge Health is determined by the most severe Health Alert against an Object. By Health Alert, I mean Alert Impact, there are three Impacts: Health, Risk, and Efficiency.

Think of Alert Impact as a bucket, holding Alerts of that specific Impact. Only Alerts with Health Impact affect the Badge Health of an Object.

The other part of an Alert that determines Badge Health is the Criticality, I think of it as Severity.

The most Critical Health Alert against an Object defines that Objects Badge Health. The Criticalities map as follows:

Critical = Badge Health 25% (red)

Immediate = Badge Health 50% (orange)

Warning = Badge Health 75% (yellow)

Info = Badge Health 100% (green). Badge Health 100% (green) for no alerts too.

Unknown = Badge Health -1

Here for example, is a VM with an Active Alert against it.

As you hover over the Criticality of the Alert it shows Health-Warning, indicating the Alert Impact is Health and Alert Criticality is Warning. Going to the Metrics tab for that VM, we can see Badge Health is 75%

Let's look at another one, on that is Health-Critical.

Going to the Metrics tab of the Object, we can see Badge Health.

As you can see, Badge Health is 25%, indicative of the Health-Critical Alert against it.

The same methodology holds true for the Impact Risk and Impact Efficiency categories of Alerts. It is also true that Alerts (of any Impact) affect only the object against which they are defined, which is to say an ESXi Host could be healthy (Badge Health 100%), but every VM on it unhealthy (Badge Health 25%).

Finally, Badge Health is calculated on an hourly interval. For more information on Aria Operations, check out the VMware Cloud Management and Apps Tech Zone site!


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