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  • Brock Peterson

VMware Aria Operations Management Pack for Site Recovery Manager

You're running Aria Operations and would like visibility into Site Recovery Manager (SRM), we have a management pack for you! The latest available is the VMware Aria Operations Management Pack for VMware Site Recovery Manager 8.7, release notes can be found here. Downloads can be found here.

Once installed, the management pack will look like this.

Top right click the three dots and View Content, it'll show you what's in the management pack.

Six Dashboards, 11 Views, 48 Alerts, 27 Symptoms, and more. To start capturing data we'll configure an adapter instance and point it at your SRM Host.

Once connected, you'll start seeing data in your dashboards, here's the SRM Summary dashboard.

The SRM Protection Group Details dashboard provides a lot of detail around Protection Groups, Protected VMs, and more.

Ultimately, the relationships between SRM related objects can be found under the Metrics tab for any SRM related object. Here we're exploring from the SRM Site down.

The Alerts can be found here.

Ultimately, you can make notifications on any/all of these alerts, as well as any SRM related metric or property. For more information on Aria Operations and VMware Cloud Management in general, see our YouTube Channel!



Hey Brock,

We are using the SRM and the vSphere Replication MP and its very useful. However, there's simply no option in any of these MP's to find the version of the connected SRM/vR servers. We have 10+ SRM/vR servers connected to our Aria Operations SRM MP and if I wanna check the versions then there's no option not even a policy which can be enabled. Do you know if there's any other way to see the versions? Not the MP versions obvioiusly but the actual SRM/vRepl. server versions?



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