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  • Brock Peterson

VMworld 2021

What sessions will you be attending this year at VMworld 2021?! Here's my list, register here!

Solution Keynote: The VMware Multi Cloud Computing Infrastructure Strategy of 2021 [MCL3217]

A Guide to the Cloud Operating Model [MCL1115]

Introducing Project Ensemble Tech Preview [MCL1301]

Why AI – Our Vision and Strategy for Managing Tomorrow’s Clouds [MCL2455]

Accelerate Your VDI Management with vRealize Operations [MCL1899]

Manage Windows Workloads Through vRealize Automation SaltStack Config [MCL1895]

Deliver the Same Infrastructure to a Multi-Cloud Deployment [MCL1268]

vRealize Automation – Now and Into the Future [MCL2448]

vRealize Network Insight Overview and What's New [MCL1347]

A Guide to Application Migration Nirvana [MCL1264]

Advanced Troubleshooting with vRealize: Your "Go-To" Guide [MCL1271]

An Easy Way to Save on Capacity and Cost in Your VMware Cloud [MCL1383]

DevSecOps for Infrastructure – Adopting DevOps Practices for vSphere Admins [APP1842]

Event-Driven Config Management Using vRealize Automation SaltStack Config [MCL1934]

A to Z of vRealize Licensing and Packaging [MCL1116]

What’s New: VMware Skyline Proactive Intelligence [MCL2019]

An End-to-End Demo – Operationalizing VMware Cloud Foundation with vRealize [MCL1442]

An End-to-End Demo of Operationalizing VMware Hybrid Clouds with vRealize [MCL1263]

An End-to-End Demo of Taming Public Clouds with CloudHealth and vRealize [MCL1439]

An End-to-End Demo of Day 0 to Day 2 VMware Tanzu Management with vRealize [APP1586]

What's New in vRealize Cloud Management [MCL1114]

A Big Update on vRealize Operations [MCL1277]

Manage Public Cloud with CloudHealth and vRealize [MCL1247]

Taking Your Multi-Cloud Financial Management to the Next Level [MCL1241]

Migrating to vRealize Automation 8.x [MCL2449]

Troubleshooting with vRealize Operations and vRealize Log Insight [MCL1286]

All Your Capacity and Costing Questions Answered [MCL1391]

Kubernetes Monitoring Starting from Day 0 [APP1589]

A Discussion on vRealize Automation with AVS, GCVE, & OCVS Solutions [MCL1272]

Network Visibility and Analytics Simplified [MCL2478]

What’s New with VMware Skyline: Your Questions Answered [MCL2418]

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