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  • Brock Peterson

Adding VMs to Active Directory with VMware Aria Automation

Last time we discussed renaming VMs deployed with VMware Aria Automation, this blog will detail how to add those same VMs being deployed with Aria Automation to Microsoft Active Directory (AD). We'll do it with vSphere Customization Specifications, here's how.

Log into vCenter and go to Menu - Policies and Profiles - VM Customization Specifications.

You can see that I have three VM Customization Specifications, all for Windows VMs, one of which we already used to rename our VMs. Let's explore the second one in the list which will add Windows VMs to AD.

As you can ee in the Workgroup or domain tab, I've configured the Windows Server domain to be TVS and given it credentials that have the ability to add VMs to the domain. If you wish, there are several other things we can do with Customization Specifications as well: licensing, credentials, time zone, command to run, networking, and more.

Now that we have our Customization Specification created, let's call it from our Cloud Template.

You'll notice that I list three Customization Specifications, but if you have more you can list them here and allow the user to select what they want. Once adjusted and published, back in Service Broker we can request our VM.


Give it your input and click SUBMIT. You can watch your deployment here.

Once done, let's confirm the VM was added to AD domain TVS back in vCenter.

As you can see the DSN Name is, let's log in with our AD credentials to confirm.

And...we're in.

Customization Specifications are a powerful way to customize your VM deployments. For more information, check out the VMware Aria and Tanzu Intelligence Services YouTube Channel!

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