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  • Brock Peterson

Apply vROps 8.10 HF1

VMware just dropped vROps 8.10 HF1, details here. Let's apply it to our vROps 8.10 deployment via vRSLCM. You can also do this via the vROps Admin UI if you'd like.

First, confirm you are running the latest Product Support Pack, in this case Policy, which supports vROps 8.10. If not, click the CHECK SUPPORT PACKS ONLINE button and apply it. Mine's done.

Then go to Settings - Binary Mapping - Patch Binaries - CHECK PATCHES ONLINE. Once complete, you'll see vROps 8.10 HF1.

Click the down arrow on the right which will download the Patch Binary. Once downloaded it'll look like this.

Go to Environments, select your Environment, and find the vROps tab. From these click the three dots - Patches - Install Patch.

You'll then be prompted to apply the patch you just downloaded.

Click NEXT.

Click INSTALL. You can monitor progress via Requests.

Confirm that HF1 was applied by going to the three dots again - Patches - History.

It'll look like this.

You can also confirm that HF1 was applied via the vROps UI - About.



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