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  • Brock Peterson

Aria 8.16 Updates!

Aria updates are here, they were released originally on 2.20.2024. Aria Operations, Aria Operations for Logs, Aria Suite Lifecycle Manager 8.16 and Aria Automation 8.16.1 dropped last week, let's upgrade! Important links here:

Let's get started by upgrading our Aria Suite Lifecycle Manager.

Once done, check your Product Support Pack page to confirm you're at 8.16.

Which gives us support for Operations 8.16, Operations for Logs 8.16, and Automation 8.16.1, so let's go get those binaries.

Once downloaded, you'll see Upgrades available within your Aria Suite Lifecycle Manager Environment. Aria Operations for Logs downloaded first, so we'll start there.

Aria Operations for Logs has been upgraded to 8.16, let's do Operations next.

Aria Operations has been upgraded to 8.16. Now let's do Automation!

And we're done! Aria Suite Lifecycle Manager, Aria Operations, and Aria Operations for Logs are now at 8.16 and Aria Automation is at 8.16.1.

After completing my upgrades and writing this blog, the following releases were removed from Customer Connect:

  • Aria Suite Lifecycle Manager 8.16

  • Aria Automation 8.16.1

  • Aria Operations for Logs 8.16

  • Aria Operations for Networks 6.12.1

Updated binaries will be available on 2.29.2024, a KB detailing these new binaries and how to apply them will be provided.


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