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  • Brock Peterson

Aria Operations Application Monitoring

We discussed Application Monitoring with Aria Operations a couple years ago, it's time for an update! To be clear, this blog will detail Application monitoring with Telegraf Agents, not Service Discovery, Service Based Application Discovery, or Rule Based Application Discovery.

Clicking the Application: Telegraf tile gives you details.

I've installed the Telegraf Agent on 20 VMs, as indicated by the 5 Windows Host tiles and the 15 Linux OS tiles. We discussed monitoring Operating Systems previously here.

Under Supported Services (I'd prefer they call this Supported Applications because it's different from the Services discovered via SDMP), you'll find the supported Applications. Upon installation, the Telegraf Agent discovers application related processes/services and presents the ability to configure the Telegraf Agent for that particular application via the UI, Here's a VM during installation, then once the Microsoft IIS Application has been discovered.

Once discovered, you configure the Agent via the three dots - ADD - then add configuration details, which will vary for each application. Here you can see the three VMs running Telegraf Agents monitoring IIS.

There are several places you can go to see Application details, but I like the VM Details Metrics tab.

All Telegraf discovered applications will be represented like this. There are also two Application Monitoring dashboards (screenshots taken from 8.14.1).

You can use Application objects, metrics, and properties in your Dashboards, Views, Alerts, and more. Here's a dashboard showing all Telegraf discovered applications with alerts, health, and more.

For more information on Aria Operations, explore the VMware Aria and Tanzu Intelligence Services YouTube Channel!


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