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  • Brock Peterson

Updated: vROps Service Discovery

In June 2021 I published a blog on vROps Service Discovery, I'd like to provide an update. 8.10 is the current version of vROps, and while Service Discovery is largely the same, some things have moved around.

The Service Discovery Management Pack (SDMP) has been updated, but the configuration is basically the same. As it was before, SDMP works with only specific versions of VMTools.

Once enabled, Services will start being discovered, you can find them in Environment - Applications - Manage SDMP Services.

Click the drop downs to show the Services that have been discovered.

Click GO TO DETAILS to be taken to the VM Summary Page for the selected VM. One there, select the Metrics Tab to see the Services.

Back to the Environment - Applications - Manage SDMP Services page, you can also take actions against VMs here and enable/disable Service Monitoring.

To explore more about SDMP go to Configure - Applications and Services - Service Discovery.

From here, you can do several things:

  • Configure Service Discovery on your vCenter Adapters

  • Manage SDMP Discovered Services

  • Add New Service Definitions (there are 43 defined Services out of the box)

  • Inventory what Services have been discovered where

To explore details on any of the Services, just click the link in the Service tile to see all VMs running that Service.

From here you can dig into the details. vROps SDMP is powerful and continues to get better, enjoy!



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