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  • Brock Peterson

VMware Aria Operations Business Hours

Business Hours dropped in the July release of Aria Operations Cloud, previously known as vRealize Operations Cloud, we discussed it here. Business Hours is now available in Aria Operations 8.10, which was released back in October.

In our previous blog, we talked about enabling Business Hours in Policies, this blog will focus on another use case and the use of Business Hours in Views!

We're tying to determine which VMs are the busiest during certain hours of the day: first shift, second shift, and third shift. Let's use Views, Business Hours, and Transformations to get what we want. In the end, it'll look like this!

The top three Widgets are easy enough, they are just Views with vCenters, Datacenters, and Clusters with some interaction. The bottom row of Views is more interesting, this is where we use Business Hours and Transformations to find what we want.

Looking at the details of the First Shift | 8AM - 5PM Widget, you'll see it taking a View called VM Details 8AM - 5PM as Output Data.

Let's look at the details.

As you can see, the View UI has changed in Aria Operations 8.10 as well. It now has the look and feel of Dashboards, Alerts, Super Metrics, and others. You'll notice there is now a default Preview source, which auto-refreshes as well. The ability to Show Object Creation Date is quite nice too, great add in 8.10! Going to the next screen.

You'll notice the OS property and three metrics here, as well as a toggle for Business Hours. I've turned on Business Hours for the metrics I'm interested in and put a Maximum Transformation on them. This tells the View to display the Maximum for each metric in the defined window. Step 3, Time Settings, is where we define that window.

I've chosen Advanced and defined the window in which I want to make my calculations with Business Hours. This first View is for my first shift calculations, so I've configured Business Hours to be 8AM - 5PM Monday - Friday. I made similar Views for Second Shift and Third Shift, but 5PM - Midnight and Midnight - 8AM respectively.

Looking at the bottom row in more detail.

We can now see the busiest VMs by Cluster throughout the day. We can adjust the time range within each widget, we could capture all VMs if we want, and more. If you want this Dashboard (and Views), you can get it here, enjoy!

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