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  • Brock Peterson

Aria Operations REST API for ESXi Host Properties

I'd like to capture ESXi Host properties via the Aria Operations REST API, here's how you do it. First, let's confirm Aria Operation has what we want: ESXi Host Serial Numbers.

As you can see here, Aria Operations does get what we want, the Enclosure Serial Number. Let's now pull it via the REST API. Go to your Aria Operations Suite-API, mine looks like this:

Once authenticated, run a GET /api/resources against ResourceKind HostSystem.

Click Execute which will return all ESXi Hosts in Aria Operations. Search the Response body for the ESXi Host in question

The identifier highlighted here is what we'll use to get details with the GET /api/resources/{id}/properties.

And there it is! For more information check out the VMware Aria Operations: Journey to Success link on the VMware Apps and Cloud Management Tech Zone site!


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