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  • Brock Peterson

New Aria 8.16 and 8.16.1 Updates!

On February 20th the original Aria 8.16 and 8.16.1 updates were released, but we quickly pulled them due to a missing feature. They've been updated and republished, here they are!

Let's apply them. Aria Operations for Logs 8.16 needs to be done locally, let's do that one first. First download the new binaries from Customer Connect, then apply them from within the UI at Management - Cluster - UPGRADE CLUSTER.

Next, let's update the Aria Suite Lifecycle Manager itself. Log in, go to Lifecycle Operations - Settings - System Upgrade - CHECK FOR UPGRADE and follow the prompts.

Once Aria Suite Lifecycle Manager is at Build 23377566, you'll be at Product Support Pack Version 8.16.0 which supports Aria Operations 8.16.1. Let's upgrade Aria Operations locally, it's been a while since we've done that. Go get the binaries from Customer Connect:

You'll want the Pre-Upgrade Assessment Tool and the Virtual Appliance upgrade pak. Once downloaded, go to your Operations Admin UI, Software Update - INSTALL A SOFTWARE UPDATE and install the Pre-Upgrade Assessment Tool.


Click NEXT, follow the prompts, and INSTALL.

Once done, the Operations cluster will restart, then check the Software Update tab.

Click the link next to Completed to confirm all is well.

Once confirmed, install the upgrade and follow the prompts.

Once done, you're Operations Cluster will be cycled and you'll notice the update on the System Status tab.

You can also confirm from the regular UI and the About page.

Since we did this locally, you'll notice Aria Suite Lifecycle Manager still thinks Operations is at 8.16.0.

In order to pick up the new Operations 8.16.1 updates, run a Trigger Inventory Sync.

Once complete, Aria Operations 8.16.1 will show.

You'll want to do this same thing for Operations for Logs, which we previously updated locally as well. Our last product, Aria Automation, doesn't need to be updated as we're already at 8.16.1 and according to the Release Notes, we should wait for 8.16.2 to upgrade next.


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