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  • Brock Peterson

Send Oracle Database Logs to vRLI

vRLI is up and running, you're getting vCenter Alarms, Events, and Tasks, ESXi Host Logs, but you want more! Specifically, you want your Oracle Database logs. There is a Content Pack available in the Marketplace, but there is some work required and a necessary adjustment to the included Event Marker (REGEX).

Let's start by asking the DBA to turn on Oracle Listener logging and Oracle Alert logging. We'll need the path to and the names of these logs, as they are what we will be watching. In my case they are:

Listener logs: /u01/app/oracle/diag/tnslsnr/oradb-12c-1/listener/alert

Alerts logs: /u01/app/oracle/diag/rdbms/orcl/orcl/trace

With logging turned on, let's get the Content Pack.

Once downloaded and installed, let's configure.

To capture Oracle Database logs, we'll need the vRLI Agent. The package and instructions can be found here.

I downloaded the Linux BIN and installed it locally on my Oracle VM. As we've seen previously, vRLI Agents are self-aware and will log back into vRLI upon startup. Mine looks like this.

The Content Pack comes with an Agent group, this is the group to which all vRLI Agents running on Oracle VMs will belong. Go to the Agents drop down and select the Oracle DB Group under Available Templates.

Copy this template to Active Groups, add a filter and save. Mine looks like this.

This Agent Group includes the paths, log names, and event markers (REGEX) the vRLI Agent will capture. Out of the box they look like this.

You'll have to adjust the details based on your Oracle logging configuration. Mine looks like this.

Notice that I had to adjust the Event Markers based on the logs I'm ingesting. This may vary based on your logs. Once done click SAVE AGENT GROUP and wait for the vRLI Agent to pick it up or you can manually cycle the vRLI Agent if you'd like (systemctl restart liagentd). Now we have logs!

I encourage you to explore the Dashboards, Queries, Alerts, and Extracted fields that come in the Oracle Database Content Pack. For more information on vRLI go here!

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