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  • Brock Peterson

VMware Aria Operations 8.12: What's New with Automation Central?!

Originally brought to market in vROps 8.4, Automation Central has received several updates in the latest version, Aria Operations 8.12. Let's have a look!

Right away, you'll notice an Additional Actions button.

Selecting the Additional Action buttons reveals three drop downs.

The Adapter Type dropdown allows you to select one of four Adapter types: vCenter, GCP, AWS, or Microsoft Azure. Once chosen, you then have the ability to select the appropriate Object Type, in the case of vCenter we can choose Virtual Machine, Host System, or Cluster Compute Resource.

Once chosen, you then have the option to Power Off, Power On, or Reboot.

The same holds for the GCP, AWS, and Microsoft Azure Adapter Types, giving us the ability to Power Off, Power On, and Reboot those respective VMs.

Aria Operations 8.12 also brings us the ability to filter the deletion of VM Snapshots on size and name in addition to age!

For more on Aria Operations 8.12, check the Release Notes or the Announcement Blog!


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