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  • Brock Peterson

VMware Aria Operations Credentials

I used to be able to edit adapter instance credentials here, what happened!?

I noticed this after upgrading to the latest version, Aria Operations 8.14, so I checked the Release Notes. And sure enough, in the Release Notes, there is a section discussing this.

Credential management

  • All credentials need to have a user assigned to it.

  • Credentials which do not have any user assigned will be found in the Orphaned and Unassigned page. For security reasons it is highly recommended that the credentials be used only when they are assigned to a user.

For more information, see Managing Orphaned and Unassigned Content.

So, upon upgrade all existing credentials are orphaned, which means they can't be edited. So, lets assign ownership via Administration - Orphaned and Unassigned. Go to Unassigned in the left pane and Credentials on the right to see all of the Unassigned credentials.

Yep, that's all of them! Unfortunately, there is no way to multi-select here, so we'll have to do them one by one, let's start with the vCenter adapter instance credentials just to test.

Select the credential, then the ACTIONS dropdown, and Take ownership, as I'm taking ownership myself. Once done, let's go back to our adapter instance and try to edit the credential.

We can now edit our credential! Ah the Release Notes, so important, thanks for those! For more on what's new in Aria Operations 8.14 check out this blog!

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09 בפבר׳

Is there a way to transfer a credential after you take ownership?

Brock Peterson
Brock Peterson
09 בפבר׳
בתשובה לפוסט של

Not today, but it's been requested.

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