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  • Brock Peterson

VMware Aria Operations Exclusions

If VMware Aria Operations is licensed for your entire environment, great, nothing to do here. If not, you'll need to either exclude objects from collection or use License Groups to define what's licensed and what isn't. In this latter case everything will still be collected, which we've discussed previously.

This blog will focus on the ability to exclude objects from being collected entirely and how are we going to do that, user permissions! Log into vCenter, clone the Admin Role and create a new one called LimitedUserAdmin.

Documentation on creating vCenter roles/users can be found here. Next, create the actual user itself.

Then assign the user to certain objects, in this case a Cluster.

Once you've assigned the credentials to the objects you want, create a vSphere Adapter Instance in Aria Operations using that credential, mine looks like this.

Exploring the monitored objects, you'll only see those the limited user has access to.

Which if you recall (two images up) is much less than all Clusters, ESXi Hosts, and VMs in that particular vCenter. This method is a bit more powerful, in that you aren't collecting objects at all, rather than collecting them and putting a watermark on them, which is what using License Groups will do. For more information on Aria Operations, see the VMware Cloud Management page.

Shoutout to my teammate Wesley Morris for inspiring this blog!


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