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  • Brock Peterson

VMware Aria Operations for Integrations October 2023 Release

Last week VMware dropped the 8.14 versions of the products in the Aria Suite: Aria Operations, Aria Operations for Logs, Aria Automation, and Aria Lifecycle Manager. This week we dropped the 9.0 version of the Management Packs included in the Aria Operations for Integrations Suite. The highlight here is that these Management Packs no longer require their own license, but rather consume an Aria Operations license unit, let's take a look.

Looking at our Licensing Page before doing anything we have the following.

You'll notice the Management Pack for MSSQL Management Pack has its own license and there is an unlimited vROps license with usage of 499 VMs.

Let's upgrade the MSSQL Management Packs to 9.0 and remove the old vRTVS license and see what happens. The upgrade looks like this.

Next removing the old vRTVS license for MSSQL, you'll now see 4 more general Aria Operations licenses being consumed.

And the adapter instances are still collecting.

Now, if Aria Operations is licensed by Core, each adapter instance will consume 1 Core license. Here's a before and after of my License page after upgrading one of my adapters to 9.0.

You'll notice the license count went from 771 Cores to 772 Cores. Finally, if Aria Operations is licensed by CPU, each adapter instance will count for 1/10 CPU, so you'll need 10 adapter instances before you consume an entire CPU license.

This is great news for customers that have spare licenses of Aria Operations, you can now start using more Management Packs for free! For more on VMware Aria Operations for Integrations, go here.


Oct 26, 2023

Running around in the docs and downloads section, but can't find the Hyper-V 10.0 management pack, only 9.10. Is it not available yet?

Brock Peterson
Brock Peterson
Oct 26, 2023
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