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  • Brock Peterson

VMware Aria Operations for Logs as a Syslog Destination

VMware Aria Operations for Logs has been deployed, you've configured your vSphere integration/s, mine look like this.

The checkbox for "Collect vCenter Server events, tasks, and alarms" does just that. The information bubble indicates the following.

Part of the vSphere integration also configures the ESXi Hosts Syslog configuration in the target vCenter to forward logs (and optionally tag them).

I've tagged my vCenter and ESXi Host logs with "product=vmware", they look like this in Explore Logs.

At this point you're up and running, but there are additional ways to get logs into Aria Operations for Logs. We can capture logs from VMs themselves with the Aria Operations for Logs Agents, we discussed this previously here.

Additionally, we can send Syslog directly to Aria Operations for Logs, either to the Cluster itself or to VIPs configured via the ILB (Integrated Load Balancer).

Here you can see I've configured 5 VIPs, one for each source I am sending Syslog from. I'm not going to detail the configuration of Syslog for each management plane, but Google will show you.

I'm also tagging upon ingestion, so when looking at logs in Explore Logs you can filter on the tag if you'd like. Here I'm looking for just the logs coming from the Pure FlashArray management plane.

You can also put logs into their own Index Partitions based on these tags, something like this.

VMware Aria Operations for Logs is so powerful, for the latest check out the TechZone site!


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