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  • Brock Peterson

VMware Aria Operations Management Pack for NSX-T

In our last post we discussed the VMware Aria Operations Management Pack for NSX Advanced Load Balancer (formerly AVI), today we'll explore Management Pack for NSX-T. For a quick review of VMware NSX, check this video.

The latest version of the NSX-T management pack is 8.12.1 and contains three dashboards, four views, 290+ alerts, and more.

Once installed, configure an adapter instance by pointing it at your NSX Manager.

A few things to note here:

  • If you have multiple NSX Managers, configure an adapter instance per target, pointed at the VIP or FQDN/IP of NSX-T Manager.

  • Exclude Resources allows you to exclude NSX-T objects from being monitored.

  • Exclude Services allows you to exclude NSX-T

  • You can import NSX Manager alerts if you'd like, making all notifications from Aria Operations itself.

There are three dashboards:

  • NSX-T Configmax Metrics

  • NSX-T Inventory

  • NSX-T Main

The next release promises to have several more advanced dashboards, but here's one I built showing NSX-T Logical Router performance.

There are over 300 Alerts defined by the NSX-T Management Pack, some defined within Aria Operations, others consumed from NSX Manager itself.

More to come on the NSX-T Management Pack this quarter. For a list of all available management packs go here.


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