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  • Brock Peterson

vRLI and the Cisco UCS Content Pack

I'd like to start bringing Cisco UCS logs into my vRLI environment, here's how I did it. Go to Content Packs - Marketplace and look for Cisco UCS. There are dozens of other Content Packs available here as well. As a note, I'm using vROps 8.6.2, UCSM 4.1(1b), and the 2.0 Version of the Cisco UCS Content Pack in this blog.

Select it and click INSTALL.

Once installed, you'll be given instructions on how to enable log forwarding via UCS Manager.

Clicking the link takes you to the documentation. In the left hand pane select the link for Configuring Syslog in Cisco UCS Manager. This provides instruction on how to enable log forwarding, mine looks like this.

Back in vRLI we can see the Dashboards, Queries, Alerts, Agent Groups, and Extracted Fields the Cisco UCS Content Pack installed.

Click on any of them to be taken directly to them. For example, if you want to go to the Cisco UCS General Security Dashboard, click that link.

This confirms vRLI is receiving logs from UCS Manager. There are dozens of extracted fields installed by the Cisco UCS Content Pack as well.

I encourage you to explore this Content Pack an the dozens of others available in the Content Pack Marketplace. Check VMware {code} for others. They greatly enrich the vRLI experience. For more information, including trials of vRLI, go here!



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