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  • Brock Peterson

vROps Management Pack for Skyline

What is VMware Skyline? As indicated in this FAQ, VMware Skyline is a proactive self-service support technology available to customers with an active Production Support or Premier Services contract. Skyline automatically and securely collects, aggregates and analyzes customer specific product usage data to proactively identify potential issues and improve time-to-resolution.

How can we see this information in vROps? The VMware Skyline Management Pack!

Once the Skyline Collector has been deployed and you are collecting data, we can configure the Skyline adapter to bring that data back into vROps via the VMware Skyline Management packs. Let's do it! As shown above, go to Data Sources - Integrations - Repository - VMware Skyline - ADD ACCOUNT.

Give it a Credential name and the CSP Refresh Token from VMware Cloud Services portal.

Over in your Cloud Services Portal, grab that CSP Refresh Token. Log in, go to your name/org top right, then select My Account.

This is where you'll generate your CSP Refresh Token.

Once here you can give the token a name, time to live, roles, and email notification preferences. All of this is documented here.

Click GENERATE and you will be given your token.

Back in vROps, create your credential using the newly generated token.

Click OK, configure the Skyline Finding Severities and Categories you want, then validate the connection by clicking VALIDATE Connection.

Once connected, you still start seeing data in the Skyline dashboards, which can be found in Visualize - Dashboards - Skyline. vROps now has visibility into Skyline generated findings, which you can aggregate, take action on, and generate notifications on.

For more information on the Skyline management pack and others, check this out.



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