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  • Brock Peterson

vRTVS Management Pack for Oracle Database

The latest version of the vRealize True Visibility Suite (vRTVS) Management Pack for Oracle Database dropped on July 15! This release has several new features:

  1. Query objects are actually queries now, not just placeholder rankings.

  2. Multitenant Support

  3. New resources/objects: ASM Disk, PDB, Service, Archive Log

Note: this management pack must be a fresh install. If you're running an older version of the vRTVS Management Pack for Oracle Database, remove it, then install this newer version.

Before exploring some of the new features, let's take a step back and explore the management pack itself. It comes with the adapter, dashboards, reports, views, alerts, and symptoms. It supports Oracle Database 12c Release 2 and above, formal system requirements can be found here:

The adapter itself connects directly to the Oracle Database, discovers 11 more objects, and makes relationships from the Oracle Instance to the vSphere VM.

If you're running Oracle Database on bare metal servers we can capture them as well, there just won't be any relationships to vSphere VMs, as they won't exist.

Once a connection has been established, we provide relationships within the Oracle environment as well.

In this latest release of the vRTVS Management Pack for Oracle Database: query objects have much more detail, we provide Multitenancy support with a Multitenant Overview dashboard, capture four new Oracle objects, and provide additional configuration options via Advanced Settings.

Previously, we captured 10 query objects on each collection and named them 1 through 10. These could change the very next collection in which case historical context would be lost (bottom image below).

We now capture these same query objects (top image below), but name them according to the actual SQL they are running. This allows us to track the performance of a specific query over time.

The new adapter also offers several more configuration settings via Advanced Settings, including the ability to turn on/off the collection of Filesystem Statistics and Archive Logs. The old adapter is below left, new adapter below right.

The vRTVS Management pack for Oracle 4.0 also supports multitenancy via the Multitenant Overview dashboard. It uses the Oracle Container Database (CDB) and Pluggable Database (PDB) constructs to do this.

Finally, there are four new objects captured by the vRTVS Management Pack for Oracle 4.0: ASM Disk, PDB, Service, Archive Log.



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